The medieval town of Scurcola Marsicana is found on Monte San Nicola and dominates the Palentine Plains. It was the site of the battle between Charles of Anjou and Corradino di Svevia in 1268, an event that marked the passage of southern Italy under the Angevin rule. Its historical and artistic heritage include the ruins of the old Cistercian abbey, built after the battle, and the precious wooden statue depicting the Saint Mary of Victory, donated by King Charles and currently found in the sanctuary dedicated to her, where recent restoration work has brought back to life the splendor of the beautiful frescoes that decorate the walls. You can’t miss the Orsini Castle, a triangular fortress, the San Egidio church in the evocative historical center, the churches dedicated to San Antonio and to the Trinità, with the Baroque staircase and rich decorations.